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IP PBX Dubai - In the field of IT infrastructure and telecommunications networks WNSUAE has a tremendous reputation. Our offerings are uncompromising, since we are always searching for excellence. We sell you extremely qualified mobile service and company networks in the UAE!

We do agree that without reliable contact systems between the employees and the clients it is not feasible to operate a company effectively. We provide the best telephone network which will help carry the company to a higher stage. Let us send you a quick rundown of our Dubai telephone station program.

Telecommunications is the backbone of industry. Reliable contact is the rare mix of absolutely having the correct commodity at the right quality. This is a sign of a false economy to talk of finding the easiest option because it does not fulfill the particular needs. VOX Telecom carries out this act and thus provides the business a broad variety of professional services and goods at rates you can afford.

Given what you desire, we are here to serve you by delivering the goods and services that suit your needs. We also give assistance and encouragement to ensure you make the best of them. If you want a nice, free trick service that's simple to understand and that serves you anywhere you need it, then you need us! There are a couple things that should help you appreciate what we're doing.

We provide the best telecom solutions for your company, and we install them.

These technologies provide the new Telephone Systems generation. We first evaluate your company resources and what you are seeking to do before recommending you something for your needs. These two things testify to our Excellency.

Superior and flawless office telephone systems

Here are some of the strongest workplace telecommunications services that WNSUAE Services tailored provides to satisfy consumer needs. WNSUAE provides IP PBX Dubai services and delivers a wide variety of high-end goods at a relatively reasonable price. We are not operating with your business. Rather, we prefer to operate inside the business as you trust us to bring the best to you. We combine network infrastructure to offer the company abundant innovative opportunities. After that are a few things we're doing to improve your business.

Who We Work With

WNSUAE is equipping your company with market-leading Telecom software. It achieves this by delivering market-leading contact solutions from top brands. Yeah, we're just interested in leading brand items. We value your business as much as you do and we only work with the best manufacturers to deliver cutting-edge technology to your business, to show it. Then there are the brands that we proudly serve!

  • Ø  Cisco Telephone system
  • Ø  Avaya Telephone system
  • Ø  Panasonic Telephone system
  • Ø  NEC PABX System
  • Ø  Yeastar Mypbx Telephone system
  • Ø  D-Link Telephone System
  • Ø  Grandstream Telephone System
  • Ø  Samsung Telephone Systems

Cisco Telephone system

Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express is a division system that is inexpensive and flexible. The telecommunications systems from Cisco are versatile and can be quickly implemented. The setup for all those who have the basic knowledge regarding Cisco infrastructure is also very easy. Cisco's telephone framework supports converged applications which include service quality, video, content networking, Extensible Markup Language services, Ethernet, firewall, DSL, and VPN. Contact us today for Cisco office phone system solutions.

Avaya Telephone system

You do need to check out the facilities of Avaya Dubai. WNSUAE Devices L.L.C holds Avaya Contact Manager, Avaya IP Office, and Avaya IP500 enabled and shipped. Avaya IP Office is a full solution able to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. To suit the business requirements, Avaya IP Office may be scale-up from three to around three hundred and sixty extensions. IP500 is scalable and expandable, and customizable according to the market needs. IP500 will easily incorporate System Processor modifications, plug-in, and line cards.

Panasonic Telephone system

The fact that Panasonic telephone network is the pioneer of Dubai's company telecommunications network is without doubt. The Hybrid IP PBX Dubai system blends the PBX functions and IP technology reliability. You will also access a high-quality corporate contact program that delivers an outstanding mobile messaging service, IP networking features, cellular connectivity, voice-over-IP and incorporation with the PC through the USB Plug-n-Play Connection.

NEC Telephone system

The NEC Telephone systems enable it possible for you to function more comfortably and productively. These safe and secure telecom systems provide effective call management; facilitate great featured handsets, and Dubai call center solution solutions. In one of the most significant business choices, we will help you in developing the telephone and telecommunications network. Contact Us today for NEC Installation.

Yeastar Mypbx Telephone system

A business with tons of calls coming in and a corporation with tons of offices will significantly profit from the Mypbx Phone program. You can call Yeastar Mypbx Telecommunications System a very efficient hybrid IP PBX Dubai Telecommunications Device. It facilitates PRI links, analogs of internal public networks, and gsm tracks.Do not hesitate your business venture's growth and install one of these powerful contact systems today and you'd see progress flowing your way in no time.

Grandstream IP PBX Dubai system

Grandstream is an inexpensive feature rich telecommunications network for your Dubai, UAE workplace. It is a secure IP PBX device built to bring costly price level functionality to your company. Enjoy Grandstream's seamless contact capability along with Voice Mail, IVR, Mobile Calling Service, Remote Workplace Customer, Office Access, Operating Hours and more. Make use of your options of SIP phones with Grandstream IP PBX System. [ Grandstream  Phones, Polycom Phones , Dlink Phones &Yealink Phones ]

D-Link Telephone system

For a long time D-Link has been offering creative goods to its customers. D-Link IP PBX SYSTEM is extremely powerful and rich in functionality. D-Link PBX provides client apps free of license costs. If you have bought a D-Link telecommunications network you do not need to pay something extra on apps. Anything needed by a modern office involves in a single package. When the equipment hits the full usage potential you don't need to spend in PBX device ever. The program requires other programs to be implemented, which acts like a single device. Looks good right? So just don't hesitate. Call us now at the cheapest price in Dubai for the installation service of the Professional Office phone network.


Samsung PBX System is built in a single framework to provide advanced voice, internet, and wireless connectivity. Samsung Office Servpbx program offers 21st century stable Internet convergence contact network. Samsung PABX is a communication solution which offers you the best advanced and tested technology system. Samsung will care for your needs and offer solutions whatever the scale of your requirements. The next generation IP solution for your company has been developed by a blend of Samsung's experience in wireless networking, emerging technologies and core networks, together with IP Technologies.

What is an IP PBX and why you want IP PBX Dubai System?

IP telecommunications networks [IP PBX Dubai / PABX] are the present and the potential as a clear comment. IP PBX Dubai systems are richer in functionality than traditional analog telecommunications systems. For example accessibility and streamlined communications, these features enable the company to be more efficient than ever. Mobility enables a user to make and receive calls and voice mails from anywhere, even if they are on a business trip outside the country. Unified communication enables the user to enjoy voice, video, and fax from a single location.

To put it another way, IP TELEPHONY / VOIP utilizes the business contact network. It will make the usage of the single voice and data network. It would significantly reduce the costs of network operations and the networks. IP PBX Network and IP Telephones are not directly linked via cable. Together with IP PBX all IP phones are connected to a centralized network switch. All over network connectivity between Phones and IP PBX Dubai Framework.

We WNSUAE have the IP Telephony experience and we will recommend you the appropriate IP PBX Dubai program depending on your company needs. Our highly trained manufacturing engineers and mobile integration engineers ensure the modern telephone network allows the company more successful.

You should call us on + 971-52-2816239 during office hours to get a free consultation with the telephone network. You may additionally drop a fax. We are going to get back to you with a solution. We supply and mount office telephone network in UAE. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, Ajman Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, and KhorFakkan are part of our coverage area.